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Flying Insect Trap Control with
Pheromones and LED Technology

Yeehar offers outstanding products for pest management with their exclusive patents.

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Product Introduction

Flying Insect Trap - a revolutionary agricultural pest control tool that leverages the power of sexual attraction and light lure to effectively trap and eliminate targeted pests.  This multifunctional trap is designed to attract and collect insects using pheromone-based sex attractants or LED light sources, then swiftly eliminate them using a high-voltage electric grid.​

Ideal for use in tea gardens and other agricultural settings, the Flying Insect Trap is a trusted guardian that helps protect your crops from harmful pests. With its efficient trapping and elimination capabilities, it ensures a healthier and more productive growing environment, enhancing the overall quality and yield of your tea plants.

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Target Insects

Grey Tea Looper.png

Grey Tea Looper

Tea Fine Moth.png

Tea Fine Moth

Tea Leafworm.png

Tea Leafworm

Tea Caterpillar.png

Tea Caterpillar

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Product Features

High Specificity

Targets only the intended pest species, ensuring no adverse effects on beneficial organisms like natural enemies.

Non-toxic and Safe

Does not directly apply chemicals to crops, eliminating the risk of pesticide residues and ensuring safety for agricultural produce.

Lasting and Effective

Utilizes highly effective sex pheromones with a long-lasting effect, resulting in low overall usage costs and efficient pest control.

Long-Lasting Life

Equipped with a lithium battery, the trap can operate for 3 to 5 days even during continuous rainy weather. With a standby power consumption of only 0.25W and an IP63 waterproof rating

How it works

The flying insect trap leverages sex pheromone attraction and optical luring to eliminate agricultural pests.  It emits a synthetic pheromone to mimic the scent of female pests, drawing males towards the trap.  Additionally, a specific light wavelength stimulates the pests' visual receptors, further attracting them.  Once pests are near, a high-voltage electric grid kills them on contact, and the deceased insects fall into a collection bag.

The Flying Insect Trap stands out for its innovative design and advanced features.  It is powered by a combination of solar energy and lithium batteries, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable power supply even in remote or off-grid locations.  This not only makes it environmentally friendly but also ensures continuous operation without the need for frequent maintenance or recharging.

Installation of the Flying Insect Trap is quick and easy, allowing farmers to deploy it in various locations within their fields or gardens.  Once in place, the trap effectively controls the population of pests within the designated area, significantly reducing the number of insects that can cause damage to crops or transmit diseases.

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Great Perform on Trapping Pests

flying insect trap comparative test results.png

The comparative test results indicate that under the same conditions, whether it's a sunny day or a rainy day, the multifunctional insect trap outperforms the boat pheromone trap in terms of trapping effectiveness, Furthermore, comparedto the boat pheromone trap, the multifunctional insect trap has the advantages of not reguiring the replacement of stickiboards and having a longer continuous working duration.

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Technical Parameters




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