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Eco-friendly Sticky Fly Trap Effective Capture Flying Pests

Yeehar offers outstanding products for pest management with their exclusive patents.

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Product Introduction

The Sticky Fly Trap is an environmentally friendly, effective, and safe agricultural pest control tool suitable for a variety of crops. It efficiently manages flying pests such as whiteflies and aphids, reducing the need for pesticides and residues while enhancing crop quality and yield. Furthermore, it preserves beneficial insects, promoting biodiversity and ecological balance, making it an innovative product in line with sustainable agriculture principles. The trap comes in four distinct color combinations: yellow, blue, red-yellow, and blue-yellow. This innovative product leverages the unique color preferences of different pests to attract and capture them, making it an ideal choice for various agricultural scenarios.

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Target Insects

tea green leafhopper.jpg

Tea Leafhoppers

Tea Green Shieldbug.png

Tea Green Shieldbug

Rice Planthoppers.png

Rice Planthoppers

Alate Aphid.png

Alate Aphid

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Product Features

Effectively Capture

With strong adhesive properties and high viscosity, the trap effectively captures various flying pests, controlling their numbers and potential damage.

Natural Enemy Friendly

The alternating red and yellow color scheme leverages predatory insects' aversion to red, preventing accidental harm and safeguarding their survival and efficacy.

Green Degradation

Made from fully degradable materials, the base substrate can be completely broken down by microorganisms under composting conditions, preventing environmental pollution.


The adhesive remains intact between temperatures of 10°C to 70°C, ensuring the trap's effectiveness in diverse climatic conditions and prolonging its lifespan.

How it works

The Sticky Fly Trap is made from fully biodegradable materials, ensuring its environmental friendliness and sustainability. Its patented color block design capitalizes on the pests' color preferences, attracting and trapping them effectively. This targeted approach not only reduces the kill rate of beneficial insects but also ensures efficient control of flying pests.

By utilizing this natural pest control method, the Sticky Fly Trap significantly reduces the need for chemical pesticides, thus minimizing pesticide residue and enhancing the quality and yield of crops. This makes it an excellent choice for farmers and gardeners seeking to adopt eco-friendly agricultural practices.

Moreover, the Sticky Fly Trap preserves the survival and role of natural enemies of pests, contributing to biodiversity and ecological balance. It aligns with the principles of green agriculture, emphasizing natural and sustainable pest control methods.

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Great Perform on Trapping Pests

sticky traps comparative test results .png
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Technical Parameters




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