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Pheromone Traps For Precision
Pest Attraction and Capture

Yeehar offers outstanding products for pest management with their exclusive patents.

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Product Introduction

The pheromone traps have emerged as a forefront measure in the green pest management of plants, serving as a vital alternative and complement to chemical pesticides.  Leveraging the power of sex pheromones, this technology offers a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to controlling pests.  Among the various types of traps available, the boat-shaped pheromone traps stands out for its impressive capture efficiency, making it an ideal partner for pheromone lures.

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Target Insects

Grey Tea Looper.png

Grey Looper

Tea Fine Moth.png

Fine Moth

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Tea Caterpillar.png


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Product Features

Highly Specific

pheromone traps are designed with a strong sense of purpose, targeting specific pests with pinpoint accuracy. Rest assured, they pose no harm to beneficial insects or natural enemies.


By utilizing pheromones, our products significantly reduce the need for chemical pesticides, thereby minimizing the risk of pesticide residues on crops.

Lasting and Effective

pheromone trap offer exceptional and sustained insect attraction, resulting in long-term trapping efficiency. This not only reduces the need for frequent replacements but also keeps the overall cost of usage low.

How it works

The sex pheromone technology, which mimics the natural chemical signals used by insects to attract mates, is a highly specific and targeted method of pest control.  By deploying pheromone traps, farmers can effectively lure and trap male pests, thereby disrupting their mating cycles and reducing population growth.  This approach not only minimizes the impact on non-target organisms but also helps preserve the integrity of the ecosystem.

The boat-shaped pheromone moth traps, with its unique design, optimizes the capture of pests.  Its shape and dimensions allow for efficient airflow and trap placement, maximizing the contact between the pheromone lure and the target insects.  When used in conjunction with pheromone lures, the boat-shaped trap provides a powerful combination for effective pest control.

Place the Lure/Dispenser in the pheromone trap lure holder and place the pheromone trap at various locations in the field. Traps should ideally be placed in shaded areas. Recommended to use one lure per trap. One lure would last for more than 60 days depending upon climatic conditions. The trapping density should be adequate to manage pest infestation. The recommended trap density is 40-50 traps per hectare for mass trapping.

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Great Perform on Trapping Pests

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Technical Parameters




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