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Yeehar offers outstanding products for pest management with their exclusive patents.

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Solar insect light traps

Solar powered insect light trap, which was tailored for efficient small insect capture, is extensively applied in agricultural research, tea garden pest protection, and field monitoring. Solar led insect light trap designed for accurate prevention and control of key pests, it excels in capturing and monitoring small insect populations impacting crops.

Multi-functional flying insect traps

The Multi-Functional Flying Insect Trap uses pheromone or LED light source induction technology to attract target pests. Once attracted, a high-voltage grid is used to kill them. Powered by solar energy and lithium batteries, it offers a long battery life and convenient installation. The Multi-Functional Insect Trap effectively controls the insect population in the designated area, making it an ideal guardian for crops.

Insect pheromone traps

Sex pheromone trapping technology is the first measure for green control of tea pests, and an important alternative and supplement measure for chemical pesticides. The boat pheromone trap has better trapping effect in many kinds of traps and is an ideal partner for sex pheromone lure.